4 thoughts on “Watch AFiWe TV

  1. I am in need of all Baba Kilamanjaro commentaries, especially on the subject ” From Africa to Jamiaca” and those from the most recent past. I have spoken to Sir Kilamanjaro and realize there is a shipping dilema and wish there was someway to archive for download via the various media such as MP4 or Youtube format. I dont mind paying for these awesome interlectual material. Please Galaxy, we need to spread the debrainwashing vibration to the souls in the diaspora, mainly USA and Caribbean. We are ready!

    Khalfani Kwame Anu
    Kansas City, Missouri

  2. I have all ways been an ardent listener of the station, andhave spoken to some of the presenters over the years, and do look for word to meeting you all some day power to you my brothers and sisters one Love. nick signing off.

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