Galaxyafiwe Presenters

The Black Knight  Has  now passed onto the Ancestors (    ). He had been on the Galaxy Mothership since 2006. He possessed a formidable selection of original acetates reaching right across all musical genres. The Mighty Black Knight Rydah . .  More Music and less talk.  

Our Parents & Ancestors Day 2015_002

Empress Kulcha joined the Galaxy Mothership in 2011, contributing her natural love energy and her progressive commitment  to the empowering of all African women in the community. Find her Kulcharal vybrations on her morning shows Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Empress Kulcha is No longer on the Galaxy Mothership.

4festac benin mask bb

Bredda Kwami enhances the Griot Korner on his Monday morning show. We welcomed him on board in 2011 with stacks and stacks of community involvement with local activism of over 30 years in evidence .Bringing live interviews and reels and reels of past chronicles.

4festac benin mask bb

Nico Most Royal enhances the Mother Ship with his Pure Musical High octane presence. One of our longest serving crew member, seeing active service at Grass Roots level for over 20 years , through Rain, Snow or Sun shine always glowing in full effect . . Balancing out every little ting. 

Dr Aboo - 02

Dr Aboo Ratatah, One of the several High ranking Commanders on board. Seeing active service at Grass Roots level for over 25 years, Able now to display his many honours for various successful missions accomplished as he continues to graduate through our several faculties of knowing thyself . . The Voodum Man

4festac benin mask bb

Mbuta Anu was welcome onto the Mother ship in 2010. With the tools of the trade packed tightly in his backpack, he launches fully loaded, straight chat back vybrations at Street Level . . whilst always keeping a third eye on the Signs of the Street.