Galaxyafiwe Presenters

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Dr Steve, MD Our High Profile Doctor on board, an outstanding self motivated Professional.  Joined the Mother ship in 2013. Keeping it Simple - Your Health is Your Wealth .  

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Sista Lioness  joined the Galaxy Mothership in 2013,  Wed evenings  8pm - 10pmt 

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Bro Jimeric-i wid Bro Simba. Comes Fresh off the block,  welcome aboard in 2015. He promises exciting adventures on his Friday mornings Early RiseUp performances .   

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Bro Amlak Tukuru  - Reliable Top level Commentator. Focused on bringing to the community all the issues that affects us.
Links up with Queen Mama Oracle as they assist us to escape the theme park  each Saturday mornings 8am - 10am

Galaxy Elders-1

Elder Bro Heru Khuti. The Final Judgement Beamed himself onto the Mothership directly from the Cosmos.  He is an active member of the inter Planetary Federation Council  

Bongo Teteh - 02

Chief Pa Kombrabia  was responsible for Purchasing the original Galaxy Mother ship some 35 years ago .   He holds a surgery each Friday evening and Sunday Afternoons.

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