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I am because we are, and because we are therefore I am ... Voodum



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I am because we are, and because we are therefore I am ... Voodum


17 thoughts on “Listen Live ( G )

  1. One Big Love from The Gambia, The Smiling Coast Of Africa. Galaxy ‘A Fi We’ is doing great works in the Uk and the world to Rise Up Africa and let our brothers and sisters know that Home is Home. Also One Love to Hughie and Angela of A Graham Associates and all those who came to The Gambia on the recent trip with AGA also to Doctor Aboo, Jah Prento, Rob, Anna and the VOODUM Society that was initiated here in The Gambia by you all, VOODUM! One Love, One Aim, One Destiny.

  2. I certainly enjoy listening to sister Oracle’s complete opposition to everything that the listeners believe in (and what the debrainwashing station says it believes in).

    It certainly provides variety.

  3. Peace & Blessings Our Spiritually & Mentally Beautiful Brothers & Sisters.
    We thank you for all your Good works throughout this year and pray that our Ancestors will forever be pleased with your efforts. We pray that the Creator will continue to bless and keep you All Safe as you strive to wake our communities up and ensure that we all make the changes that are necessary to enable us to protect, defend and uplift our community. We want you to know that our enemies ‘Fear Your Rise’ because you strive to bring about Justice for all regardless to Race, Creed or Colour. However, and most importantly you recognise that Our Community (Black People throughout the diaspora) is Our Responsibility and we must all do that which is necessary to bring about positive change. We commend you for all you have done and we thank you for the inspiration you continue to provide to us all as we strive to bring about positive change for our community. One Love. From All Your Brothers Sisters Servants and friends in the Survival Family Slough .

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