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[su_heading align=”left” margin=”50″]#BLACK IN Day  –   7th Jul 2020 ( TIME FOR CHANGE )[/su_heading]

[su_heading align=”left” margin=”50″]#BLACK FRIDAY  –  TIME FOR CHANGE[/su_heading]

Mama Hyacynth Cake Raffle

Mama Hyacynth Cake Raffle #2

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SHUMIRA – Afrikan Divine Fellowship

ShuMira #1

[su_heading align=”left” margin=”50″]Afruika Bantu School[/su_heading]
Afriuka Bantu Saturday School Offers Maths, English, Science and Black History

for Children aged 5 to 16 years

Enrolment Available on the day

Tel 074 7712 2252

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[su_heading align=”left” margin=”50″]African Sons and Daughters – ASD[/su_heading]

ASD Kings and Queens  Saturday School

Ages 6 – 16years

Contact Tel. 075 3802 4039

African Sons and Daughters is always looking for committed people to volunteer and support our organisation.

Requirement for

Tutors, Mentors, Community Outreach Workers,

Administration, Committee Members


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