2 thoughts on “REPARATION March onto Parliament 1st Mosiah 2015

  1. I and I give thanks to my Father for good Health, my family and for Brothers and Sisters like you, keep up the good work and keep the fire burning.
    Blessed Love.

  2. It is the spiritual upliftment you get when you arrive at windrush square and you can see the pavement even though people are gathered . it is when the cry to march is given , when out of the blue, thousands of african people appear , where did they all come from , it is a heart warming experience .#

    The ancestors continue to rise us up to proclaim in their name the injustice that they suffered and which we continue to suffer ,cause it what it may , we need to march ,and we need to globalise the need to march ,

    We must not forget that Gill Scott Heron , told us that the revolution will not be televised , so good luck to the mainstream broadcast agents of the state ,they cannot stop the power of black conciousness

    See you next year but the work goes on and i pledge my support in any way to promote the great work of reparations thus far xxxx

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