Tribute to Ras Seymore McLean

Later towards the end of her life, when Lady Meux made her Will, on 23 January 1910, she bequeathed her Ethiopian manuscripts to Emperor Menilek. The Times, reporting this, stated that "envoys from the Emperor were sent over to arrange for their [the manuscripts'] recovery, and it is believed that the present bequest is the fulfilment of a promise then given".

Lady Meux died on 20 December of the same year. Her Will created a sensation, because a section of the British public apparently pined for the manuscripts' retention in England. An article in The Times of 7 February 1911, stated: "Many persons interested in Oriental Christianity . . . will view with extreme regret the decision of Lady Meux to send her valuable MSS once and for all out of the country".

The Will was thereupon overturned, on the ground that Menilek was dead when Lady Meux died. He did not in fact die until December 1913, and in any case had heirs.

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